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wefoundwanderlust: and i know she cant do anything, but its not about her its about him

Oh well

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lostful happiest
vulgarly although

Jack wrote this, I only edited it :)
sexceptional braydaaan
Anonymous: ok but delete the posts first, i really dont want his ex to see them.

His ex won’t fucking see it. Come off anon or its staying up.

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Anonymous: he deserves someone who'll visit him every once in a while, someone who loves him. don't make her hate him too. I know you loved him and this might be really hard for you but you have to let go.

i’d visit him in a heartbeat. i’d give anything for him. you dont understand. 

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Anonymous: stole this kid pictures, info and a few videos and used them on tumblr and on a youtube channel he made .. And the other thing i wanted to tell you is that you should delete that text post.. look he had a girlfriend and she goes visit him every friday and she still loves him and he really loved her. But if she somehow reads your text post everything will be over and and you'll destroy her and she doesn't deserves that not after all she's been trough.

he told me the pictures i saw were fake. whos his girlfriend. 

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